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Your how’s, what’s, and why’s of children's book Publishing, answered!

Get this: Children’s Book Publishing is no easier task. Of course, the length of the book is relatively short, but précising an idea with a well-instilled message requires multiple rewrites and re-drafts. The goal here is to make your story as easy to visualize as possible. If a reader has to re-read a sentence for better understanding, you probably just missed the whole purpose of Children’s Book Publishing.

Here at Global Books Publishing, we offer you the expertise of a well-put-together team of Children’s Book Publishing experts. From fixing the illustration sizes to designing it with catchy images, our teams know just to make your book every child’s must-have.

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Enticement, exposure, and expansion—acing the toughest gig!

Know this: not many authors secure any deal with the publishers. But at Global Books Publishing, we help you connect and collaborate with high-profile publishers and Children's Book Publishing experts.


Book reviewing

Our dedicated teams go through every word and illustration before handing over the final draft to you. We make sure the illustrations are contextually correct while ensuring the rhythmic flow of the content. At Global Books Publishing, our proofreaders go the extra with text and illustration alignments and sizing.


Book publication

Once the text and illustrations are checked for grammar and context, we offer the client an initial draft for further review. Our experts provide you with different options when it comes to the spread and type of illustration in order to keep your book publication cost-effective.


Refined Process

In this final stage, we help you with typesetting, page trim, length, and cover of the book. Our design and illustration professionals facilitate you in finalizing the publishing draft. Be it enhancing the color scheme or changing the typography, we offer multiple revisions to help you publish the always-wanted book under your name.

What Is Our Children Book Publication Process?

Our professional book writing services is a collaborative process between our client and our team that has the following steps:


Ultimately, your success establishes our reputation

The experts at Global Books Publishing are well-aware of the amount of time and effort a singular literary composition requires. We value the work done and respect the passion for publishing the aspiring authors demonstrate. And we promise to help you finalize a composition you can take great pride in!

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