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Our experience enables us to craft captivating stories. Short or long – your manuscript gets the attention it deserves! Every word we polish is prepared for the impact on the readers and infused with care. From beginning to end, our book publishers and book editing experts take on every project, because no task is too big or difficult when you have people like us working together as part of such a one-stop solution.

We ensure everything from page-turners to nail-biting finishes feels masterfully controlled so each reader can find a perfect read. Our book editing team eagerly waits for their next project to be proofread and edited.

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You Need To Know What Type Of Children's Book Illustrations You Need For Your Book!

Before you come to us for illustrations, you need to know that there is more than just one type of Children's Book Illustrations, and you must know which one fits your project better. Don't know what the various kinds of illustrations are? Well, allow us to educate you.


Spot Illustration:

Spot illustration is the tiny pieces or single piece of illustration drawn on the first or the title pages of each chapter to help breathe some life into the text or provide a little more context. It could be basic line art like or a small caricature drawn right above the title of the chapter, which takes up a quarter or lesser portion of the page. They are less expressive and have more to do with just intriguing the reader or enticing their imagination enough to carry on reading.


Half-page illustrations:

As the name suggests, half-page illustrations are the illustrations that cover more than a quarter or at maximum half of the page of the book. This kind of illustration usually accompanies words by expressing one of the most intriguing aspects of the story and is not usually confined to the chapter's title page. It can be a scene, a small introduction to a new character, a minor altercation between the characters that need to be highlighted, etc.


Single page illustrations:

IThese kinds of illustrations typically cover the whole page and are far more detailed and expressive than the formerly explained ones. These are in great detail, and the text usually becomes optional, as the illustration speaks for itself.


Spread illustrations:

These specific kinds of illustrations are usually spread on both the book's pages and are usually more expressive and in greater detail than the text at this point is mostly optional. You could say they are like comic books, but rather, an image takes up the whole page than just a small part of the strip.

5 Steps To Our Children's Book Illustrations Process!

We at Global Books Publishing have a detailed five-step process to getting your Children's Book Illustrations as good as you want them to be. This process is pretty much similar for illustrators all over the world, and we appreciate it if we educate our clients beforehand on what goes on in the entire illustration process.


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Editing, proofreading, publishing--all that form the criticalities of the book writing process. We know the effort it takes, the perseverance it needs, and the struggle it brings, so why not hire a helping hand? We are only a call, message, or email away! Let’s collaborate.

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